Janais Turuk

Janais Turuk, Consultant

Indigenous Relations Professional

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Business Experience

Janais brings excellence in communication and facilitation. She has spent her career facilitating important conversations with respect to resource development.

Janais understands the value of timely and clear communication that promotes better understandings. She also understands the value of effective conflict resolution practices and that these practices are most impactful in the context of an organizational culture that promotes timely and meaningful conflict resolution.

Janais has held leadership roles and is experienced in developing high-performing teams and performing as a highly effective leader. Janais understands that effective leadership is achieved when personal and professional values are aligned with leadership practices.

In a leadership context, Janais actively nurtures a growth and learning mindset. She also actively promotes personal and organizational ownership, accountability, and responsibility.

Janais is an Indigenous relations professional with over 15 years of experience engaging with Indigenous communities. She is guided by her personal and professional values in Indigenous Reconciliation and is adept at establishing strong relationships with Indigenous communities.

Janais has led Indigenous and non-Indigenous consultation for major projects, the development and implementation of community participation frameworks and has provided senior strategic guidance regarding engagement of Indigenous communities, including relationship-building, conflict resolution and working through competing interests.

Janais is proud to serve a variety of clients including Indigenous communities, governments, and the private sector.

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