Project Management Support

Project Management Support

Executing projects successfully is a challenge for any organization. In many cases the projects are led by managers who already have a full workload. So, while they know what needs to get done, they often do not have the time or resources to effectively manage a project. Very few organizations have a dedicated project management group (PMO) in house to provide the support that is often needed. In many cases this is because the organization is too small. But, more commonly it is because there is an expectation that project work be ‘driven by the business’. At Framework Management Partners we support that premise.

However, that does not eliminate the need for project support if organizational resources are stretched or if project management expertise is lacking in the team. Framework Management Partners can offer support to the business unit in a variety of ways without taking away their ownership of the project.

We can offer:

  • Project Governance support to ensure that clear stewardship and role clarity is established at the outset
  • Support for objective setting and scope definition
  • Guidance on developing KPIs
  • Early stage project planning to set the project team up for success
  • Facilitation of project team meetings
  • Ongoing project tracking so that the team can focus on the actual work efforts
  • Report generation that provides a focus on results and objectives
  • Practical support to keep teams focussed on the tasks that support project goals

Our experienced project management professionals can help your team clearly define your project by setting the right goals, boundaries, and metrics. Once project scope is clarified we can help you establish a path forward by creating structure using basic project governance tools that are fit for purpose. Using standard project methodology we can help your team identify potential roadblocks to the success of the project and create mitigation strategies to overcome these obstacles.

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