Tracy Fisher

Tracy Fisher

Coach, Author, Speaker, Facilitator

  • Professional Coach (International Coach Federation)
  • CTI Coach (Co-Active Training Institute)
  • CDWF™ (Certified Daring Way Facilitator)
  • True Colors Facilitator

To say that Tracy is inspired by courageous, authentic leadership is an understatement.

Working in the trenches of the health and fitness industry as a coach, personal trainer and speaker, Tracy is an experienced leader, leadership coach and change maker, always looking for the potential in the people around her.


Tracy has spent the last 20 years facilitating groups from the health and wellness, oil and gas and tech industries and while the specific goals of these groups varied, the broader goal of clearer communication and more authentic and transparent leadership and team interaction was always met.

What drives Tracy is helping leaders get clear on what they want from their teams and themselves. By uncovering what might be holding them back from achieving these goals, Tracy is able to inspire her clients to carry out everyday acts of courageous leadership.

Tracy understands the human issues that can stand in the way of impactful leadership and believes that opportunities to lead exist in every facet of life; family, relationships and work.

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